Project NFT Game : Dog Breed Farm

It is a dog raising game, breeding dogs, exchanging dogs, exchanging land of farm, send a dog to fight to conquer the planet. The dog and land of farm will be an NFT on the BSC.

  • Purebred dogs are released based on Holder’s calculations during that time.
  • Anyone in the game can take coins to stake auctions to get released purebred dogs
  • The winner of the stake bid when the deadline is due will receive a dog and a refund.
  • Breed 2 dogs on the farm for a fee in ThaiRB. Once the mating is successful, a dog (NFT) will be given to one dog (NFT). The characteristics of the dog will come from the genes of the father, mother of that dog.
  • To be traded in the NFT Marketplace.
  • Bring the dog to the farm for 7 days and when you succeed You will get a farm (NFT).
  • Take the dog to conquer other planets to gain special stats. such as a farm on the moon 10% reduction in breeding fees dog spawn 10% faster.
  • 10% NFT Marketplace Trading Fee